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The company, counting 31 workers those times, started producing 1st October 1992 in leased rooms and on leased production facilities. At the beginning, the company's productive activities were mainly oriented on manufacturing fixtures and parts for domestic customers. Later on, they stepwise developed and the company started getting oriented also on foreign markets, esp. in Austria, Germany, Belgium a.o.

In 2001, the company moved into its own rooms with its own production facilities. Since then, our productive activities of machine character have been performed here. We are tool-making oriented — conventional, as well as progressive, for automotive, building and food industries; and job or batch production oriented for producing precise parts.

Nowadays the NIKOV company employs over 40 employees.

Machine Job Production

  • tool-making, i.e. manufacturing dies and various jigs, mainly for automotive industry
  • manufacturing machine units and fixtures for food-stuff industry
  • manufacturing of machine special components
  • manufacturing of various precise parts and jigs

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STN EN ISO 9001:2016

Since 2003, the NIKOV Company has been using the Quality Management System in the sphere of development and manufacture of dies, production jigs and gauges, precise parts, moulds for plastics and has been certified STN EN ISO 9001:2009 by the TÜV CERT certifikation body (Technical Inspection Association). This standard has been revised by ISO 9001:2015.

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