Construction & Quality Control

Engineering setup job preparation is always consulted in advance with the company management and is performed by means of the Autodesk software products with a 3D-modeller Inventor. Form milling programms are 3D model generated in Surfcam programme.

We do the checking of complex shaped parts on our Gantry type CMM Wenzel LH65. This measuring machine was bought with the EU financial assistance.

The company's production activities proceed on its own production facilities:

  • one-off production facilities, i. e. turning, milling and drilling machines; surface and cylindrical grinders;
  • CNC mill turn machines: Deckel, GVC 1000 and GInnova 15 milling machines; WKV 100 coordinate drilling machine;
  • Robofil and Fanuc wire eroding machines;
  • additional machinery for production preparation process and material handling equipment.