One of the main technologies we offer is metal milling on standard milling machines. Thanks to our good-quality machinery background, we are able to take orders of various types. At short-run and batch productions we normally mill with accuracy of ± 0,01 – 0,05 mm.

We use the latest CNC milling methods that are notably good at accuracy, speed and great variability.

Metal stamping is an ideal way of producing where a large amount of pieces, technical precision and a high level of consistency are needed. We have a team of specialized engineers that assures a prompt production start at low cost.

Since 2006, we have got a hydraulic press Müller ZE 250/300 at our disposal.

On our CNC turning machine, we accomplish orders of cylindrical character in job and batch productions with ± 0,01 mm accuracy. We can turn outer and inner cylindrical surfaces, front faces, cones and other rotatory workpieces to 500 mm diameter and 1500 mm length.

Shafts, bushes, nozzles, pins, flanges, dies, band wheels, screw shafts etc. count to our typical turned works.

Grinding consists of a line of exact machining operations made on parts so that each detail is in a tolerance of thousands of milimetres. Our professional knowledge, practice and technology assure we can keep even the ± 0,001 mm tolerance.

Flatgrinding is used for grinding level surfaces, tools or too complex forms, where high precision is needed.

Engineering setup job preparation is always consulted in advance with the company management and is performed by means of the Autodesk software products with a 3D-modeller Inventor. Form milling programms are 3D model generated in Surfcam programme.

We do the checking of complex shaped parts on our Gantry type CMM Wenzel LH65. This measuring machine was bought with the EU financial assistance.

About us

The company, counting 31 workers those times, started producing 1st October 1992 in leased rooms and on leased production facilities. At the beginning, the company's productive activities were mainly oriented on manufacturing fixtures and parts for domestic customers. Later on, they stepwise developed and the company started getting oriented also on foreign markets, esp. in Austria, Germany, Belgium a.o.

In 2001, the company moved in its own rooms with its own production facilities. Since then our productive activities of machine character have been performed here.

Our production facilities are job production oriented, esp. on:

  • tool-engineering, i.e. making of dies and various fixtures, mainly for automotive industry
  • manufacturing machine units and food-stuff industry machinery
  • manufacturing machine special parts for foreign customers
  • manufacturing various precise parts and jigs